Happy Holidays

Out this week, Seth Rogen for LA Weekly     Read the full article on line at LA Weekly

LA Weekly People 2014

It was my privlage and honor to shoot the entirety of the LA Weekly 2014 People Issue. Spotlighting 59 of the most fascinating people who live in Los Angeles.  See all 59 Profiles and Images here 

So Far in 2014…

Editorials Portraits and Digitals

I am now doing paid test shoots.  If you are at an agency and need to update your book contact me for rate information.


Completely organic Portraiture (and headshots too), fresh free range California sun and a neutral background makes for really versatile possibilities.  Good for models, actors, musicians, artists. A single session can produce multiple looks in both color and black & white.


A series of composite images, each tells a different story.

The Silent Shoot

A photo shoot taken in silence. An actor was told to sit on the stool in front of the camera for 30 minutes. No verbal communication between the actor and myself would occur once the timer began. Once the clock started photos were taken both from behind the camera and triggered remotely at random intervals …

Green Lantern Emotional Spectrum

The Emotional Spectrum is a fictional concept within the DC Universe, primarily portrayed in Green Lantern titles.  The colors of the Emotional Spectrum are harnessed as power sources by various fictional organizations wielding power rings. All seven lights also have cosmic emotional entities. Emotional entities are a small pantheon of creatures, within the DC Universe, …